Preparing Your Website For The Holiday Season

Posted on 23 November 2018

The holiday season is almost here and there is bound to be a lot of activity in the world of e-commerce, retail and several other industries. Reports by the National Retail Foundation have revealed that 56% of people will be doing their shopping online and more fascinating is the fact that about 80% of people will be researching gift items online. Business owners can capitalize on this opportunity by starting their marketing plans for the season with their website design.

The website is the first place of engagement for online customers. As a result, it is paramount that the design selected for the website page appeal to visitors. The holiday season which is categorized as the time between November and December is reported to have generated $691.9 billion in sales on e-commerce platforms. A 5.5% growth from the previous year. With more and more shopping and interaction being conducted online. The planned marketing for the holiday season should also include the designing of the website to reflect the holiday theme.

Factors to consider when designing a website for the holiday season

The following should be taken into consideration when coming up with a website design for the holiday season;

  • Theme

Website is often designed with the company brand to be used as the theme. During the holiday season, the design theme can be altered to both capture the holiday season and the company’s known brand. Finding the right balance between the marketing campaign for the holidays and the company brand can be a herculean task. This requires a lot of creativity, hence consulting professionals who know how to appeal to the target audience is recommended. The big events around the holidays include Christmas and Thanksgiving. These holidays allow for a wide range of flexibility when it comes to themes. Themes that can be used include Santa, Chicken, Chocolate, Spooky, Lights, Carol and many more.

  • Colour

The webpage must have the right blend of colour that would allow the visitor to engage with the site. The common colours that are associated with the holiday are Red, Blue, White, Green, Orange and Shades of Black. These colours could be mixed to help achieve the desired design for the webpage. Due to how universal the holiday colour selection is, there shouldn’t be a problem with picking the right colour or colour combination to use for the website design that would express both the holiday spirit as well as the company’s brand.

  • Visuals

Using visual like picture, videos and sometimes gif on your website will help keep attention on the website. During the holiday season, you can make use of these visual to subtly pass your message while adding holiday features to them. The way to achieve holiday like visuals is by using holiday-theme frames for pictures, holiday promotional videos and a background image that is in tune with the holiday season.

  • Content

The content used on the website should also be written in a way that it captures the holiday spirit. The language and style should be in a form that is easy to read and understand.  While, it is customary to already have content on the site that is meant to appeal to customers, in the holiday season adding a few more in the form of holiday greetings will go a long way to making your site holiday friendly. The use of Ornate fonts can help add that subtle holiday feeling to the website.

  • Data

Data might not be an avoid factor as it has no appearance when it comes to the design of the website. However, by studying data on people’s habits during the holiday season as well as the data on people’s experience on the website in the last holiday. One can easily filter what works and what doesn’t and implement those changes in the current holiday website design. It should come as no surprise that while the data will not be appearing on the design its importance to the process of coming up with the best design for the season cannot be ignored.

Pitfalls to Avoid

In the spirit of the holiday, designers may be tempted to overuse the common holiday clichés and litter the web pages. There are possibilities of using a lot of green colour, snow picture and Santa pop up all in an attempt to make the website more in turn with the holiday. However, it is entirely possible to till capture the holiday theme without having to make extreme changes or go overboard. There is a common saying in the design world that less is always more.

Therefore, when designing your website for the holiday, here are some helpful tips to help you achieve great website design.

  1. Simple ornamental designs can be added to images like logos rather than flooding the entire webpage with images of the holiday.
  2. You can create a separate page just dedicated to the holiday period that you can remove after the holiday is past.
  3. While you might want to have some videos on the website, avoid making them have auto-play sound or music.
  4. There are a lot of holiday celebrations happening at the same time during the holiday season. Therefore, avoid heavy usage of religious overtone as customers will have varying religious etiquette.
  5. Make plans for extra traffic to prevent the site from crashing.
  6. Carefully select the images and art that appear on the site and make sure they are different from those used by other brands. This will help maintain brand uniqueness.

Every year Time4 Digital take care about customers websites fully preparing them for the holiday mess and allow them to bring value with other things at the same time.


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