Castrol Auto Land trade show booth game

Engage 10,000 trade show visitors with a game!

“When a bunch of car services representatives and owners walking on the floor of the trade show you really want to make things right and provide a good impression.”

The challenge:

Trade Show Auto Land, held annually in Poland, is a great way to get exposure to almost 10,000 car services representatives and owners. Castrol, as one of the leaders in engine oil lubricants, also has its own repository. In addition to being there and showing off, we needed a great way to interact with audience and potential customers, spark some interest, bring value, and then engage them in a discussion.

Our approach:

In the age of digital products and overall hype around it, we suggested building challenging experience, which will reward all the visitors to our Castrol booth. Decision was made: a game which subsequently turned out to be a quiz. The idea was based on testing the player’s practical knowledge of car parts and their use. In terms of hardware and software, our display consists of a big, 42-inch touch screen hooked up to a computer, and showing our beautifully-crafted app.


The application has to look friendly and familiar. The user interface was designed as a minimalistic one in order to focus the user’s attention purely on the gameplay and fun. Subtle Castrol branding, familiar navbar and color scheme is present across the whole game. Heavy pressure was put on clear call-to-action buttons which are used to minimize the game entry level and which also provide a lot of visual feedback.

UI / UX for the app:

In order to maximize the simplicity of the app and allow users to start right away, we went with a simple approach called “don’t make me think”. The user is required only to tap the button, accept the results or choose one option. This allowed us to streamline the gameplay to the point where entry level is really low and suitable for all ages. At the end of the gameplay we allow users to place their time result into the high score table, which is accomplished by a simple data capture step, giving us the possibility of tracking gameplays and awarding a prize to the best players.

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Frontend development:

As we built both the hardware and software, it made us basically limitless in terms of solutions. We decided to go with a trusted framework which, based on our experience, would utilize the touch and speed required. The obvious choice was React JS. Using Javascript and building the whole game as a Single Page Application turned out to be a great choice in terms of speed, latency, and data collection. The whole frontend hooked up to a flat and touch responsive 42 panel serving as the only way to input both game interaction and for trade show staff to access the hidden admin panel.

Backend/platform development:

The whole experience is based on two essential parts: software which allows the game to be played and collects the data, and hardware which uses the touch screen panel placed on a beautifully-branded green Castrol barrel. The computer which was hooked up to the display for this purpose and used as a local game server, being the database of the app, collecting all the data, and monitoring user behaviors. In order to maximize engagement with the app, we decided to place the installation at the front of Castrol booth. This decision turned out to be a great incentive to bring visitors to our exhibit.


Our game stand being constantly occupied by people, without a minute being unused and with a constant queue of people, who want to take their chance – all that matters in the end. Multiple leads added at the end of gameplay and even more people engaged in discussion on Castrol products – best proof of a great idea.

Tarek Hamed – Marketing Activation Manager CEE:

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