Hotel CleanApp branding, Android app and website

Hotel staff is working smarter thanks to this app.

The challenge:

Kajware is not only a software provider, they also help other companies do their work better, more efficiently and help them earn more. The majority of their customers have already learned that. While working with the hotel industry, KajWare spotted a niche where they decided to build their own app that helps hotels manage cleaning up their rooms. The idea was simple; bring value to the hotel staff and help them work more efficiently – but, simple does not always mean easy. They only had an idea, name and app prerequisites and decided to go with Android, first.

Our approach:

Hotel CleanApp required a bold, robust, clean branding, so that’s where we started, providing the product with a proper “face”. Having a brand in place, we could think about the digital areas. The most important part in order to proceed, was to figure out how our users will use the app and where can we bring them the most value. When the core functionality was done, we also had to think about a proper way to market the product.

Kajetan Woyciechowski – CEO at KajWare:

When guys from Time4 Digital stepped in, we only had the concept, which they understood and got excited about. We needed an Android app. They started the work right away delivering idea after idea and bringing those concepts to life


To capture the clean nature of the brand, we decided to go with colours and shapes that are naturally related to cleanness. We decided to use a lot of white space; simple, non-serif typography and a blue, supportive color with an orange as a contrasting hue.

Overall, the shape idea is designed to fit and stay recognizable all over the various media channels, like app icons, Instagram avatars, Facebook feeds and even some stationary print and brochure materials. Such combinations of colours and simplicity made the brand feel relaxed and informal, staying professional at the same time. We used a symbol with typeface that is straightforward and easy to remember.

UI / UX for the app:

In parallel to branding, we also started thinking about the app itself. The main goal was to help hotel staff delegate and receive cleanup tasks, and navigate through various rooms while keeping the statuses available for everyone.

The large part of our strategy was actually contacting hotel staff members and discussing what features would bring the most value to them. This included sketches, discussing, then reiterating multiple times to finally get an idea of what we are aiming for. Before even touching the design tools, we sketched a lot of paper sheets.

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Interface design:

Having created branding in our mind and using the heavy set of wireframes that have been done, we started to put the paint over the mockups to bring them to life. The pallet chosen previously turned out to be a great foundation for the whole app, as well. Vibrant colors and great contrasts appeared as a perfect combination for all ages staff members.

An easy to navigate and low entry UI learning curve was something that we aimed to deliver, and using mockups covered with designs, we managed to achieve just that.

Kajetan Woyciechowski – CEO at KajWare:

They provided us with branding for the whole project (which we loved). They brainstormed about the app UI and UX, even contacted some of our customers for better research and understanding

App development:

The backend was already done. Internal Hotel management solution needed to communicate with our frontend, via API. Together, we decided to go with React Native, as it allows us to expand our app into other platforms if needed. The time also played a great role here, and since this solution allowed us to rapidly prototype, refine and test out the development, we decided to proceed with it.

We started with an MVP that was delivered in two weeks. We agreed what was critical at this stage, and what will give us a clear sense that we totally understand each other. The basic foundation already fetched real data from API, displayed it within a nice table, then allowed us to see details of each task and easily browse through the archive.

Figured that this is the way to go – in few more sprints, we added additional features, like user login, dashboards, filtering of the data and settings – covering that later with a bunch of user-friendly animations and refining it all in a pixel-perfect, developed design.

Marketing site:

The landing page, designed and developed for the Hotel CleanApp, was like a cherry on the pie. We got the branding in place, knew exactly how the app looks, behaves, works and most importantly, its main advantages. We laid out the whole concept in a beautiful manner on a responsive landing page, which later served as a digital brochure for getting customers from paid ads. Website also showcased the product on pitch presentations, or simply told what is it all about.

The result:

Thanks to the structured, well-aligned process, limitless creativity and heavy data usage, we managed to cover the needs, end to end. A properly created brand image allowed us to spark the interests of real customers that we interviewed to address usability questions. Incorporating hints and feedback collected from potential users, allowed us to lay out the app interface the way it should be. The development was based on a finished set of designs which led to pixel-perfect and a usable Android experience. Finally, the whole product was presented on a tight, informative landing page that is used to promote the product now.

Kajetan Woyciechowski – Chief executive officer / Founder

When you need a team that is AGILE, outgoing and really easy to work with – look no further. These guys really love their work and you can feel it since day one. They deliver fast, keep you up to date and constantly look for places where they can bring you more value.

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