Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics activation with Feelmotion

The challenge:

Feelmotion is known for huge sport events, fan activations and sport-related activities, which help great brands connect with fans and make it all happen. Their customer reached out to them, as they needed some help in organizing fan booth for this year’s winter Pyeongchang Olympics.

Fan zones were located in two Polish winter-sport related cities, Karpacz and Wisla. We required a place which will engage the fans, build up a winter rival spirit and also showcase the latest accomplishments in terms of technology to spark the interests in VR, Samsung Gear, Galaxy Tabs and Smartphones – many things to do at once.

Our approach:

As always, a great idea should have a place. How far it is from Poland to Pyeongchang?! Quick Google query and that’s it – around 8200 kilometers, quite far. What if we could allow people to join the challenge while they are on the booth, throw some distance to the summary, contribute! Yes… but how? Setting up a treadmill for running and Samsung Gear to track those precious meters sounds crazy? Yes, but it could work. We decided to base the booth around the spirit of challenge and sport while also having something for the kids.

Tomasz Rachwał – Feelmotion CEO and Founder

First thing that comes to mind when thinking about Time4 Digital is – fast, they meet with you, gather all the insights they need, discuss internally and just get to work. They were committed to the project since day one and I really enjoyed working with the team.

Brainstorming ideas:

Treadmil / Gear integration, sounds cool, what’s next? Something for the kids – we have tablets, let’s make it simple. Coloring books with sport themes should do the work – they did. What if they want to take those pictures with them? We can obviously hook it up to a printer and give it a nice olympics branding.

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We had a great, straightforward key visual for the whole branding and relied totally on that. Few things were required. In terms of treadmill and watch – big, clear display to show how the goal is progressing and an app to let the staff input the details of each run.

In order to activate the people around the booth, we knew the experience had to be engaging. There were children and their parents so it has to be something for all of them.


In order to collect the data from treadmill, we built a simple PHP API which was responsible for talking with the app and putting time input into the database. On the other hand, the PHP app was also setting up the highscore board and sending the information to the display. That two way communication allowed us to collect the data and present it on the screen, constantly making updates and visualising how people are progressing.


To supplement the time spent on the booth we created a set of sport related colouring books which were developed as HTML canvas apps and launched on tablets. Powerful set of tools and colorful crayons allowed the kids to really unleash their creativity.


After 14 days of constant iteration, we managed to develop and setup the booth in two olympic villages. Lots of kilometers collected on treadmills, hundreds of colouring pictures printed and 21 days of constantly working fan zones were a perfect proof of job done right.


With Feelmotion as our partner and Samsung technology at our hands – concepts were limitless, starting from smartphone apps to engage people on the booth, through tablet games and winter related, printable colouring books for kids, Samsung branded displays, ending on Gear smartwatch and treadmill integration. Deadline was close as the fan zones had a fixed launch date. Thanks to the cooperation between designers and developers we managed to build all the software in 2 intense weeks.

Tomasz Rachwał – Feelmotion CEO and Founder

Time4 Digital helped us to leverage the quality not only in the project we delivered but also in overall workflow we created to ship a successful event. They always delivered their work on time and within the budget, with exceptional communication.

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