Design a Unique Brand Identity

Without a unique brand identity, no one knows who you are.

You may offer the most amazing, game-changing product or service in your industry. However, if your website and promotional materials do not have a unique brand, your offerings may end up in a limbo where other amazing items without an identity reside.

If you can’t make a space in the schedule to create a brand identity, or you need some assistance to define one, the Time4 Digital team is ready and able to assist.

We dedicate our energies to ensure your brand identity is not only unique within your market but also what you desire. Because, in the end, identity isn’t simply a logo or a tagline — it’s who you are. And if people know you, then they know your brand.

In the end, once you team up with Time4 Digital to establish your unique brand identity, together we will:


  • Originate a Brand Name which can eventually become a part of everyday knowledge.
  • Build a Custom Logo per your visions of how it should look on your website, email campaigns, social media, and additional materials.
  • Establish a Memorable Theme Line to quickly address the pain point your product eases.
  • Develop Calls to Action to convert viewers into consumers.
  • Determine a color palette potential customers recognize as connected to your product.
  • Create unique graphical designs to single out your products and services.



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